Sunday, February 28, 2010

Host Payment system

This Host Payment system contains a notecard with a list of the hosts so that only the host listed on the card can be paid by this system. the first line of the note also sets the amount per hour the hosts are to be paid. it will also notify the owner when a host logs in and what the balance remaining in the system is so that you can ad money to the system as needed. if it dose not have any money in it the host will not get paid. all a host needs to do to log into the system is be with in shouting distance and shout /12login, this will pay them for 1 hour of hosting time so they will need to re-log every hour they are hosting to get paid and they can only log once an hour! This system can be seen in use near my main store in sunbeam and can be purchased in the general store that is located in the area.

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